Kisaragi Yamaguchi
Kisaragi Yamaguchi
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Voiced By: Haruka Tomatsu
Gender: Female
Class: GA-1
Club: None
Likes: Suneko

Kisaragi Yamaguchi A student in the GA-1 class. With over-sized glasses that reflect her clumsy tendency, she has a gentle personality. She is gullible, buying pencils that was supposedly used by the "God of Studies", Sugawara no Michizane, from over 1100 years ago. Unfortunately, her personality makes her an easy target for Noda and Tomokane's jokes. She finds natural/plain-coloured cats (Suneko 素猫) irresistible, evident through her constant doodling of them in her sketchbook. Yamaguchi loves painting and works very hard to improve, but to her dismay, her artworks often get destroyed by Tomokane and Noda. However, she still cares deeply for her friends as she was very worried when Nozaki was sick

Ga geijutsuka art design class

This is Kisaragi's "Scratch Cat" that she doodles in her sketchbook.

. Her favorite style of fashion is revealed to be kimonos.

Choosing GAEdit

Kisaragi visits GA with her childhood friend Mizubuchi. She learns quickly about the school but she never explain what's the deciding factor for attending this school.