Oomichi Miyabi (大道 雅 Ōmichi Miyabi)

A student in the GA-1 class. Nicknamed "professor" (キョージュ kyōju) by her friends due to her intelligence, she has excellent grades and teaches her friends many art concepts. Although she rarely smiles, she is shown to be incredibly reliable, able to pull out anything her friends need from inside her jacket. Adding to her mysterious character is her strange "powers", like natural magnetism or the ability to control animals. Despite her stoic mannerisms, she is still quite playful and likes to be with her friends. Although she is very popular among the other classes, she has yet to find a boyfriend, but claims that her parents have already picked out a fiance for her. She addresses everyone in a very samurai-formal, but awkward (in the modern Japanese context) manner by attaching "-dono" in place of "-san". Her favorite color is black and it frequently appears in her artwork.